Peacock TV is almost ready to hatch. On Wednesday, July 15, NBCUniversal will officially be debuting its new streaming service to users around the United States. The new (and free!) service will boast tons of original content, NBC favorites like 30 Rock, The Office, and Saturday Night Live, and hundreds of movies. Holla!NBC’s Peacock has a variety of different pricing tiers and streaming plans, so it’s understandable if you’re confused. But no worries: we’re here to help. How much does Peacock TV cost? How does Peacock TV work? What is Peacock TV? Read on to find out! Unlike Netflix or Hulu, Peacock TV offers a totally free, ad-supported plan that gives subscribers access to a limited amount of content. For those who want additional content, Peacock offers two Premium tiers: an all-access (with ads) package, as well as an all-access, ad-free plan.

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